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Filming on-site in Cromford

The weekend of May 9th, we headed to Cromford to do some on-site filming for the Cromford Mills project. Niall, Aviv, Nico and Saskia spent several days conducting photo and video shoots on the historic streets and mills of the Derwent River Valley and Niall even took to the air, capturing an eagle’s eye view […]

Filming Sir Richard Arkwright

Sir Richard Arkwright is coming to life! After all the work of researching, scriptwriting, script approvals, and re-writing, this week we finally had a living, breathing Sir Richard Arkwright in the Noho studio. Decked out splendidly in his wig and waistcoat, he was larger than life, as if he’d just stepped out of the famous Joseph Wright […]

A Character in Cromford

As part of an ongoing project at the World Heritage Site at Cromford Mills, we’re working on a character vignette of Sir Richard Arkwright, inventor of the waterframe cotton spinning wheel. Far from being a dry story of spinning cogs and machine components, Arkwright’s tale is one of colourful characters, intrigue and incredible vision. This […]

Beginning something new: the Cromford Mills and UNESCO World Heritage Site

We’re very excited to announce that over the next several months we will be creating multimedia content for a new visitor centre at Cromford Mills in the Derwent Valley in Derbyshire. Working closely with the great team at Tandem, our brief is to design and produce a range of interactive and audio-visual pieces that showcase this historic location. The Derwent Valley is […]