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Immaturity for Charity Sketches a big hit

A year on, it’s great to see the success of this “lowbrow comedy fundraiser.” In addition to the RTE screening, the sketches were made available on YouTube over the course of the year. Most of them have been viewed thousands of times, with one particularly bold sketch boasting a whopping 3 MILLION VIEWS. (Warning: “immaturity” […]

Immaturity for Charity

The broadcast of Immatürity For Charity over Christmas 2012 marked the culmination of almost year’s work for us here at Noho. Conceived as ”A lowbrow comedy fundraiser”, ‘Immatürity for Charity’ is a series of comedy sketches made to raise money for the invaluable St. Francis Hospice in Raheny, Dublin. We got a phone call about […]