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The broadcast of Immatürity For Charity over Christmas 2012 marked the culmination of almost year’s work for us here at Noho. Conceived as ”A lowbrow comedy fundraiser”, ‘Immatürity for Charity’ is a series of comedy sketches made to raise money for the invaluable St. Francis Hospice in Raheny, Dublin. We got a phone call about the project from the programmes producer in January 2012, explaining an idea they had to raise money for the hospice, and asking if we’d be interested in getting involved. The opportunity to work with Domhnall and Juliette again, for a cause they were clearly passionate about made getting involved a very easy decision to make. The stellar cast they’d assembled, as well as the very funny scripts and the involvement of long term friend of Noho, John Butler, as director only served to sweeten the deal. Production began with a one week shoot in February, and we launched into the edit almost straight away. Building on the workflow established during Noreen – Domhnall’s award winning short film – we quickly found a rhythm for assembling the sketches. After many late nights and a couple of preview screenings, the majority of the work in assembling the sketches was done by the summer of 2012. Domhnall then returned to his day job by flying to England to play the lead in Richard Curtis’ next movie. As production continued, the real reason for making the sketches – to raise money for charity – began to feature in conversations. Originally the plan was to release them online, possibly with the help of a corporate sponsor. The fear, though, was that people wouldn’t donate. Fortunately, after a bit of negotiation, RTE agreed to buy the entire set of sketches and broadcast them as a single programme over Christmas. This provided one final challenge to the production – how to get 25 sketches – originally intended to be viewed individually online, to work as a coherent television programme. A further week of work, including some stellar music recorded by Domhnall and co-author of the sketches Michael Maloney, as well as cutting some of the “too rude to broadcast” sketches, brought the programme together. After a sound mix in Windmill Lane the programme was ready to go to air. At Noho, we provided all picture post production services – offline edit, online edit, graphics and grade free of charge to help get these sketches made. So far they’ve raised over €56,000 for a very worthy cause. All the sketches are available at

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