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Medieval apps

When is a book not a book? Over at www.medievalboks.nl, Erik Kwakkel has written that some medieval manuscripts came with disks or dials that essentially turned the book into “a piece of hardware.” “Just like our modern smartphones,” he writes, “the medieval book could be a versatile tool that combined contents with an untold number of applications.” With […]

Upstairs on Swilly Street

So we have at last moved into our newly refurbished home. Gone are the days of our ground-floor fishbowl office, with citizens of Dublin stopping to peer in at us through the day (the effect of which was somewhere between a live reality show about a start-up and a dreary art installation). We’re now up […]

City Walls iPhone App

Dublin hiptsters beware, Noho have jumped on the iPhone/iPad bandwagon and finished their first app. The app is available in the app store and you will find a thorough description here. We were commissioned by Dublin City Council to create this app, re-purposing content we had created for the Medieval Dublin Project . As it was […]

Summer’s Here

So we made it back from Shanghai in one piece, where we created and installed some AV content for the Irish pavilion at Expo 2010. We really enjoyed the experience, there was a lot of hard work and we tried our best to take in what we could of this amazing city. The Pavilion building […]