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Great news this morning – RTE’s ‘Secrets of the Irish Landscape’ series has won GOLD at New York World’s Best Film and Television Awards! It scooped the gong for best documentary series in science and technology. Here’s the news segment (and you can read the full report here): We’re always glad to see Irish work do well but this is particularly sweet as Noho created all on screen graphic content for the three part series. That includes all titles, captions and definitions to explain the more scientific elements of the show. We also generated a ‘photo realistic’ render of the earth which was used to show not only key events in plant movements throughout the world, but also to highlight locations visited by the programme. This ranged from glaciers in Iceland to the extent of the Mayan empire in Central America, to the spread of farming from Persia over 6,000 years ago. The final elements for a single 10 second shot consisted of 10 3D passes and over 25 gigabytes of data! Congratulations to RTÉ Cork, the National Botanic Gardens, University College Cork and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland on a great project and a fantastic win! View the trailer for the show here.

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