Rome 320 AD

Rome 320AD is a stunning historical video experience developed by Noho to bring the ancient city to life.

Working with Frischer Consulting and the Rome Reborn project, we created a series of HD videos of a 3D animated model for use in museums across Europe and Canada. Rome 320AD brings the ancient city to life on a single summer’s day in the 4th Century AD. The model is vast in scale: over 600 million polygons in size. By updating and enhancing the original Frischer Consulting’s Rome Reborn model, and adding character narration and hotspots, we are developing new ways for users to engage with this massive modeling project. This video update has expanded to a Rome 320 AD app, available on Android and Apple products. The app follows a narrated journey through a day in ancient Rome, offering models of historic buildings and a series of engaging facts and anecdotes about the city and empire at this transitional moment.