Ibec – Substance

In 2017, we created an animation for Ibec to go with their ‘Substance’ campaign. The concept behind it is that Ireland is not a ‘brass plate’ economy but a thriving diverse economy of substance. We illustrate this through a typical Irish Georgian facade (akin to Ibec’s offices) with a magic diverse and complex building growing out the back. We represent familiar industries within the Irish economy and friendly characters inhabit the rooms that are constantly developing.

Noho’s creative team worked closely with Ibec on the concept, script and visual execution of the animated piece. The style is bright and dynamic and every element is always animating, giving a very busy and diverse feel to the growing building. The characters are very simple in design. Through their animation we give a soft and friendly feel to the scenes. Overall, it is a great example of Noho’s creative team bringing an idea from concept through to the finished product.