One19 – Heroes


Alltech hosted One 19 – the Ideas Conference again in Lexington Kentucky in May 2019. For the main event at the conference we created a two minute animation to showcase the heroic challenges that farmers face everyday on their farms. We designed and created two main characters –  ‘David’ and his robotic friend ‘Nestor’, who are challenged on different levels in a computer-game environment. Each level draws up new challenges that are represented by ‘Crom’ a large character who appears as a smoky presence in each scene.

Once our sketches and storyboards were signed-off we built and rigged the characters in 3D. The environments were built according to a particular style and the entire square in front of the conference centre of downtown Lexington was built for the final scene. The character of Crom needed to be a smoky shape-shifting type monster, so we used fumeFX to generate this effect. We worked closely with our friends in Lotus Media who acted as the production company. They shot some live-action of a farmer playing the game in a VR headset. We added in some GUI motion graphics over some of the interior-headset scenes.

All the animation and design was done in-house by our small but talented team. The David character can be seen on sketchfab here and we’ve created a show-and-tell that describes the process. We also created promotional sting for David and one for Nestor.