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MEMEX exhibitions


Lisbon showcase

The MEMEX exhibition in Lisbon was supported by the pilot partner Mapa das Ideias and hosted by the Pharmacy Museum and ran for ten days between 19 and 29 September 2022. The official opening of the exhibition took place on 19 September 2022 and included the following speakers: João Neto (Pharmacy Museum), Stuart James (IIT), Inês Câmara, Ivo Oosterbeek (Mapa das Ideias). Among the attendants were project partners (IIT, MDI, ITI, NOHO), pilot local partners (Pharmacy Museum, ALCC, EAPN, APC), and other local organizations (Lisbon Municipal Museum, EGEAC). Over 25 people attended the opening night, and over 900 visited the exhibition overall.

Lisbon stories

The discovery of the whole world.

One day, King Alirio Feronia Hahaha III [the third] was walking in his vast Empire, and when approaching the great water-mirror, his thoughts went far, towards the immensity of the great mirror... 


He, she and Cais do Sodré.

At the river-front, amid the daily routines of inumerous people, noticing the landscape gives two strangers the chance to meet. 


The regular, steady, paced flow of a city square becomes alive, when its everyday silences are disturbed by celebration, and also by reconciliation. 

Hypericum oil in the Pharmacy Museum.

Passing through the remains of healers and their traditions over the centuries evokes the echoes of paganism that live on to this day. 

Paris showcase

The MEMEX exhibition in Paris was supported by the pilot partners Michael Culture Association and Dédale and hosted by the RosaLAB, and it ran for nine days between 5 and 13 October 2022. The official opening of the exhibition took place on 5 September 2022 and included the following speakers: Stéphane Cagnot (Dédale), Alessio Del Bue, Stuart James (Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia), Corinne Szteinsznaider (Michael Culture Association) and Inès Martorell (Dédale). Among the attendants were project partners (IIT, MCA, DEDALE, NOHO), pilot local partners (Centre social et culturel de Rosa Parks, CapaCités, Régie de quartier du 19ème), local authorities, students, MEMEX storytellers, socio-cultural organisations, journalist, and local inhabitants. Over 30 people attended the opening night, and over 40 visited the exhibition overall.

Paris stories

From ​​architecture ​school ​to the Capacités.

A life story that is told as a stroll through the 19th arrondissement, through its neighbourhoods, its transformations, and in which everything seems to converge on Rosa Parks!  


La Petite Ceinture.

The Petite Ceinture of Paris seen by a resident of the Cité Michelet from her window. A mysterious place full of history and revealing the changes in the district which is gradually becoming the "little promenade".

The Rosa Parks station tunnel.

From the wasteland to the construction of the Rosa Parks station tunnel, a resident who witnessed this technical feat tells us about his meeting with the site manager and how this passage transformed the neighbourhood.

Ver Têtu Garden.

From the installation work to the mobilisation of the citizen gardeners, through the eyes of an inhabitant, relive the story of the creation of this shared garden in the heart of the Cité Michelet, a green lung and a place of conviviality.

Barcelona showcase

The showcase of selected stories in Barcelona is taking place as a part of the Loop Festival in Casa Elizalde (9 November - 23 December 2022) (Figure 18). Interarts coordinated the organisation of the MEMEX exhibition in Barcelona, with Noho. It partnered with the Centre de Cultura de Dones – Francesca Bonnemaison and Sindihogar to co-produce the exhibition in the framework of the 2022 edition of the LOOP Festival - Platform for artists’ films and videos that, with the support of the Barcelona City Council, showcases artistic visual productions throughout the city. The official opening of the exhibition took place on 9 November 2022 and included the following speakers: Eugenia (Gigi) d'Ermoggine (La Bonne) and Victoria Sacco (Loop Festival collaborator). The opening was attended by pilot participants and their relatives, Sindihogar members (also local stakeholder of Barcelona's pilot), La Bonne Executive Team (Karina Fulladosa - director), Interarts Executive Team and cultural operators. A visit to the showcase was a highlight of the MEMEX final event on 15 November 2022.

Barcelona stories

The mother of Barcelona is black and mine is too.

In this story, its creator reviews her relationship with the history of the city and its inseparable heritage, also reviewing her life experience and her origins.


A struggle that is still standing.

In this video, its creator uses the resource of personification and endows the basilica of Santa María del Pino with her soul and voice. From the point of view and perspective of the basilica as a narrator, it reviews the migrant struggle of the last centuries.

How to forget.

In this story, the creator of the video relates her experience of arrival in Barcelona and her relationship with the intangible heritage of the city, also explaining her current and past work reality, taking a beautiful, yet melancholic journey through life memories.

Music is my life.

In this video, its creator tells the story of her inseparable bond with music, an intangible heritage that has accompanied her throughout her life, both in her native country (Nigeria) and in Barcelona, her host city. She also highlights, as an added value, an interesting reflection by showing herself dance in front of the closed doors of the lyceum: the expensive access to culture.

Genoa showcase

The Genoa showcase was part of the larger event, Festival della Scienza, a 13-days event that took place in different sites around the city (20 October – 1 November 2022). The showcase was run by Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT). The festival is one of the major science festivals in Italy and also widely known internationally. The MEMEX stand was visited by 1591 people during the festival.

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