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When not busy with Noho projects, our lead graphics and web designer, Dara Smith, puts his talents to work through combined music and visualisations with his electronic band, Lakker. Their most recent project, “Thermohaline,” is currently on display on the music website in the US, posted under the headline “The Dublin-based electronic duo Lakker’s video for the song “Thermohaline” is haunting and hypnotic, an endless string of strangely pulsating imagery.” This notable imagery was created by Dara, with assistance from the Noho Render farm to handle the 11,000 frames in HD (all accomplished outside of normal working hours, we’ve been assured). Dara also drew on his work in projections (used, for example in the Art Park Projection project) and interactive work to use the program Derivatives Touchdesigner for an Audio/Video live show. The two musicians perform in front of a visual projection, offering a bold accompaniment to their musical performance. Their live tour is taking them to Paris this weekend, with shows also scheduled in London, Berlin, Italy, and Poland.Dara Smitha and Ian McDonnell of Lakker In addition to receiving NPR fame, a video of their AV performance was featured on the Touchdesigner website:​ We’re enormously pleased when members of our team show off their talents in alternate venues like this. Best of luck in Paris, and enjoy your USA internet fame, Lakker!

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