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King John’s Castle in Limerick is one of our largest projects to date. In partnership with Tandem Design, we undertook the telling of the castle’s 800-year history by utilizing interactive technology combined with exhibit design, imagery, actors, and interactive set pieces. This castle has played a part in some of the most critical moments of Irish history, from the time of the Normans to its role in aftermath of the Battle of the Boyne.Photo 28-06-2013 09 37 37 Our work for the King John’s Castle includes a series of videos, computer visualizations, and a large plinth timeline. Some of the videos are historical visualizations, combining 3D Modeling with actors to visualise the history of the castle and its surroundings, including animations of related battle scenes. We also created a series of audio-visual vignettes which bring the historical characters to life, placing visitors at the centre of a day in the Castle’s history. These first-person narrations invite viewers to see the place through the eyes of people who might have lived in the castle. The plinth is a central feature of the exhibit, and features a projected timeline of Limerick.Photo 28-06-2013 09 51 02 The broader exhibit includes interactive areas for visitors to gain hands-on experience through a series of games and displays from test-firing a canon to making money at the castle mint. A set of touchscreen displays provide layered information about the castle’s history, as well as providing quizzes to test the knowledge gained in the exhibition. Check out this introductory video, showing kids interacting with the exhibit’s touch screens, displays, historical videos, and costumes and props: Early feedback on the project has been overwhelmingly positive. The Limerick Leader has published an article announcing the re-opening of the exhibition after its closure for the renovation. The article reads (in part):
John Ruddle, chief executive officer of Shannon Heritage, a subsidiary of Shannon Development, said some have commented that the castle’s rebirth as a centre of attraction is as good as the Titanic centre in Belfast. “This is the new ‘wow’,” says John, as he surveys the 360 degree views from the tallest turret in the tower, set to open to the public for the very first time from this Friday. The pride in his voice is noticeable as he weaves his way around the entire grounds – now a three hour long tour, with all kinds of interactive features, certain to entertain and educate children and adults alike.
We’re looking forward to seeing how the public reacts over the coming months! As usual, we at NoHo are delighted to take part in bringing this cultural heritage site to life. The project has been surrounded by dozens of committed and enthusiastic individuals, and we are delighted to see how the effort has paid off.Photo 29-04-2013 21 43 42

Design your footer here as a part of your layout. You can also download footer templates from the Visual Composer Hub.