Telly Bingo: New Graphics, Same Odds

We are currently in the final stages of an update to the Telly Bingo graphics and animations. This twice-weekly game show has been running for nearly fifteen years, bringing this entertaining National Lottery game right to viewers’ own homes.

We created the opening sequence as well as the graphics and animation within the show in 2010, and we’ve been part of the Telly Bingo experience ever since. Noho Graphics and animation for Telly Bingo winners

With prizes from €5 for a “Lucky Line” all the way up to €10,000 for various other winning Bingo cards, Telly Bingo is a popular show here in Ireland. If you happen to purchase a lucky card one of these days, admire the Noho graphics that spice up your viewing experience, and remember us in your winnings!

Noho graphics and animation for Telly Bingo