National Sculpture Factory- Outside AR Beta


The NSF initiated a city-wide sculpture project consisting of augmented reality sculptures and art experiences across the city. The beta version of the mobile app (iOS and Android) engaged three artists to work with the Noho team to create three prototypes to test the possibilities and limitations of the technology available and to explore a collaborative workflow between the artists and the digital team in Noho.

Nuala O’Donovan – Trade Winds
Nuala O’Donovan is an artist working in ceramics, whose work is based on the geometry of natural forms. Normally Nuala’s work is small in scale, however the digital sculpture she designed was a large structure that is placed right in the heart of the docklands area. Audio of rigging rattling in the breeze added to the experience while the audience could move in and around the large-scale sculpture.

Padraic Barrett – Simulacrum
Padraic is a visual and performance artist working in Cork city. The team in Noho copied the movement of Padraic crawling through a scrap-yard which was used as the crawling loop for the character. The character crawled around the viewer in a large circular path. The 3D model consisted of human legs, and an industrial claw holding a large blinking eye. Padraic chose the atrium of the school of architecture to show his piece.

Jesse Hallaway – Audio as a Carrier Protein
This piece was set in Fitzgerald’s Park and utilises electronic signals generated from plants within the park as a basis for a sonic composition. The audio is formed into an interactive piece of virtual tape where the user becomes part of the composition. The user can control the playback of the composition by dragging the tape-head sphere across the tape in space. The piece is a truly interactive work of art.

The team in Noho really enjoyed working with the artists and the Sculpture Factory in a truly collaborative venture. We worked closely with each artist to realise this vision and to help them navigate the possibilities and limitations of the medium. The result is a very innovative and interesting blend of Art, public space and new technology and techniques.