Beyond 2022


Noho have been an important creative and technical partner for the Beyond 2022 project since its inception in December 2016. We have produced a project website, brand identity, three short promotional films and a detailed digital reconstruction of the iconic Irish building, The Public Record Office of Ireland at the Four Courts.

Destroyed by a massive fire in 1922, we created a digital model of the six-storey brick building from a series of old plans, elevations, cross-sections and two photographs of the interior. We have also created a realtime 3D version of the model for use in VR and AR, which allows users to roam through a vast space and retrieve a document from one of the shelves on the first floor.

The project is a popular and prominent part of the centenary celebrations and shall produce exciting digital experiences and material for the coming years.

We are currently engaged in creating the final Virtual Record Treasury of Ireland to be released next June. This will be an online experience that brings together all the work we’ve done over the last few years.

Thi project is relevant in many ways as we are dealing with not only a virtual environment but also with how we present a vast collection of material within that environment.

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