Round Tower, Clondalkin


The Round Tower, Clondalkin is the perfect project to showcase what Noho do best. We
worked closely with Tandem Design to deliver panel copy, interactive touchscreens,
soundscapes and a multiscreen animated film.


Drawing on Tandem’s extensive research we wrote all copy for the exhibition; telling the
story of the Tower in an accessible, engaging way. One of our favourites is the story of the
Vikings, written in a series of connected rhyming couplets!


It was wonderful to have the opportunity to work with Crux music again, who produced a
beautiful chant for the tranquil pre-Viking era of Clondalkin monastery. And our voiceover
artists had lots of fun trying out their Old Norse for the bustling Clondalkin market-place
soundscape, reflecting life after the Norse settlers arrived to the locality.


Several of the interactive touchscreens feature artefacts including one with beautiful maps
from various eras. We built an interactive that compares these to a modern day aerial
photo, creating a fascinating view through time for locals and tourists alike. We also created
an interactive based on a 3D model of a Viking coin. It enables visitors to learn more by
rotating and zooming in to see the coins minute details. And we built a touchscreen on the
Gaelic Revival that utilises a mixture of video, music, photos and illustrations to interpret
the different aspects of that cultural movement.


A multiscreen animated film in both English and Irish tells the story of Clondalkin from 833
AD through to the present day. When filming from the top of the tower proved impossible
due to health and safety issues, we decided to continue the story through animation and
recreated the changing Clondalkin landscape in the beautiful style established in the