Medieval Dublin Project


Medieval Dublin is a multimedia experience illustrating the history and development of Dublin between 800 AD and 1540 AD. It is available in DVD format as well as a desktop application, mobile interactive, and in Dublinia museum exhibits.

Through 3D visualisations, historical characters, and engaging narratives, Medieval Dublin invites viewers to experience the medieval roots of the city. The DVD version of this historical project contains nine explanatory videos profiling key Dublin sites and social issues of the medieval city. It also contains numerous 3D animations outlining processes and concepts in a simple and engaging way. The team at Noho researched, wrote, shot, edited and produced all video content and created over an hour of high-end 3D animations for the project.

Medieval Dublin was developed as an educational tool for primary and secondary schools, so historical accuracy and integrity were paramount. We recruited a professional archaeologist and a historian to review all aspects of our work and, as part of the content planning for the project, reviewed the relevant school curricula and aligned key content with our own learning objectives and outcomes. A large steering committee of academics, curators and civil servants was put in place by the client to oversee the production of the DVD. We also created a beta version to test with children, and were supplied helpful feedback to best serve our target audience.

The Medieval Dublin project is entirely unique and has been internationally recognised as an innovative product. It raises the bar of virtual archaeology and historical educational content.