Inside Joycean Dublin


Inside Joycean Dublin is an online interactive archive with narrative, archival, and scholarly data about historical Dublin as described in Joyce’s fiction. It is a work in progress, run by RTE and Trinity College in Dublin.

For Phase I of this ongoing project through RTE and Trinity College, we created a design interface and six demonstration videos for this innovative interactive archive. This proof-of-concept pilot covers the different features of the application, allowing the viewer to get a sense of the creative and academic potential of a user-directed archive of such massive scale and creative design. The fully developed application will be a powerful and unique way to explore Joyce’s work in its Dublin context. The project melds Joyce’s fiction with archival photos and records, videos of scholars interpreting his work, and a host of interactive 3D elements – characters, maps, timelines and even a full immersive environment that users can enter and explore. Our proof-of-concept pilot focuses on “Two Gallants,” from Dubliners and follows the characters as they move around the city, passing well-known streets, buildings and landmarks. The app provides an interface between the fictional text and the historical world: newspaper clippings, architectural reconstructions, and maps which follow characters as they cross paths within and between literary works. We look forward to future collaboration on Phase II of this exciting project.