Inside Joycean Dublin

Back in January we did a pilot project for RTE and Trinity College called Inside Joycean Dublin.

The project blends Joyce’s text with archival photos and records from 1904 (the year he eloped with Nora Barnacle), videos of scholars interpreting his work, and a host of interactive 3D elements – characters, maps, timelines and even a full immersive environment that users can enter and explore. Of course they can also read Joyce’s original text (with annotations) and listen to a reading of the story. The full application will be an incredibly powerful way to explore Joyce’s work.

Our proof-of-concept pilot focused on Two Gallants, a short story from Dubliners that follows two characters as they walk around the city passing well-known streets, buildings and landmarks.

We created a series of videos covering the different features of the application, which we’ll blog about in more detail over the next while. Meantime though, here’s one that sums up this fantastic project: