History in the making at Dublinia

As the Easter weekend rapidly approaches, so too does a very special anniversary for Dublin. 2014 marks 1000years since the famous Battle of Clontarf and the death of Ireland’s High King, Brian Boru.

To celebrate, Dublin and the country at large are preparing various commemorations, re-enactments, lectures, publications and events.

Here at Noho, one of the ways we’re taking part in the historic buzz is by filming a short character vignette for Dublinia, featuring the author who wrote the history of the Battle—the Cogadh Gaedhel re Gallaibh.

Filming the Dublinia Battle of Clontarf Character Vignette

‘The Scribe’, set 100 years after the Battle, tells it all: how the author has difficulty finding details in government documents; the challenge of writing history commissioned by a political figure; and how a man of learning such as himself gets in touch with his creative side, turning dry facts into an epic encounter.

We even managed to include a cat.

Dublinia Battle of Clontarf Carachter Vignette shoot, with a cat

The vignette is part of a new exhibit the museum is preparing on the Battle and its context in medieval Ireland. (For more on that, see our previous post on the Dublinia Battle of Clontarf project.)

The exhibit will open to the public in just a couple of weeks. So as you fill in your April diary with Brian Boru-related activities, be sure to visit Dublinia and check out our historian in context.

Battle of Clontarf Character Vignette historian with catSpecial thanks to actor Pat O’Regan and also to Smudge, the cat.