Arnotts Winter Sale

Arnotts needed a friendly face for their Winter Sale campaign. We built and animated a skiing snowman that was used in their TV spots and in their print campaign. We created the 10 second spot in a very quick turnaround time and added our usual flair and finesse to the short commercial.


Once the client (Lotus Media / Dragon) had signed off on the character design, Klemens was able to start animating him. Being a seasoned Austrian skier, he was able to add nice touches to animation that only skiers will notice but adds to the overall natural feel of the snowman’s movement. (Attention ski nerds! Please note the downhill ski is slightly ahead, he pole plants correctly and he carves into the slope when he turns!)

Snow falling and a simple landscape added to the festive look and feel, without distracting the eye from our character and the big 50% off! The commercial shows what can be done in a short time with a simple but effective idea. Happy skiing!