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While our video department is working away on the World Heritage Site film and Sir Richard Arkwright character vignette, we’ve also been busy with another Cromford-related project here at Noho: creating interactive touchscreen content for the Cromford Mills Visitor Centre. This involves a range of touchscreens, smaller digiscreens, and several handheld tablets (these last to be used by museum employees as they give guided tours). Our task is to handle a sizable and complex set of data which explores the Derwent Valley’s historical context and modern tourist destinations.
Visitor Information Icon for the Cromford Mills touchscreens
Visitor Information for various sites in the Derwent Valley is provided through interactive touchscreen displays
The interactive content will allow visitors to find out more about key sites in the Derwent Valley, as well as providing an overview of tourism opportunities, monuments, walking trails, wildlife, and travel details. Smaller screens will loop beautiful images of the valley, further informing visitors of their surroundings in Cromford. Icon for Building of Interest in Cromford Mills All told, the interactives depict over fifty different locations, each with associated images, icons, and additional information. Crating an integrated user experience has been a tricky design prospect, particularly in regards to displaying both images and logistical data, such as site opening hours or the locations of walking trails. We hope that the interactive setup we have built over the past weeks answers these needs and will add depth to the new Cromford Mills Visitor Centre. Wildlife Icon for the Cromford Mills Touchscreen Check back with us over the coming weeks to learn more about our Cromford Mills project—there’s a lot going on with this one!

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