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In November of last year, during The Innovation Dublin Project, we undertook our first major outdoor building projection project. Located at the back of the Convention Centre in Spencer Dock and measuring almost 60m across, the Art Park is Ireland’s largest outdoor projection screen. In conjunction with Sarah Owens and the Sebastian Guinness Gallery, the curators of the space, we created a 5-minute loop designed to bring the building to life. Traditionally this type of projection would be done on a building with lots of architectural features, but the Spencer Dock projection space is a completely flat, blank surface. This was something of a creative challenge, which was increased by the limitations a tight deadline, which gave us very little time to experiment with what design would best suit the space. In spite of these challenges, the was a success for its week-long run during the Innovation Dublin Festival, and now is used as the holding loop for the Art Park between projects. This month we were commissioned again by the Art Park for a poetry project called Hearts Loop. The loop consists of ten different love-themed poems themed in celebration of Valentine’s Day. We were commissioned to give each of these poems a distinctive look, while also maintaining the coherence of the overall piece. Both were fantastic projects to work on and continue Noho’s expanding experience of large area projections. After the 60m expanse of this one, it’s hard to see how they can get much bigger! Hearts Loop will run for the next 4 weeks between 5pm and midnight at the back of the Convention Centre on Spencer dock. if you can see the Luas line, you’re in the right place!

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